Stone Round Coffee and Side Table

By Exteta

Stone Round Coffee Table is an imaginative and dynamic furnishing solution at the same time.

Its contemporary design makes it the perfect solution for a break in luxury and style.


Small: Ø: 34 cm x H: 29,9 cm
Ø: 13.4" x H: 11.8"

Medium: Ø: 50 cm x H: 40 cm
Ø: 19.7" x H: 15.75"

Tall: Ø: 41,9 cm x H: 53,8 cm
Ø: 16.5" x H: 21.2"


STRUCTURE: travertine / marble
HARDWARE: stainless steel 316


NOTE: if products are placed outdoors, the use of protective covers becomes compulsory to guarantee their correct maintenance and protection overtime.

Lead Time

12-14 Weeks