Ten Thousand Visions

Compressing hand-dyed fiber into dense forms, Sagarika Sundaram creates felted tapestries that investigate the materiality of wool and its relationship to human biology and psyche. Sundaram treats textile like a body – rupturing the flat surface, revealing what lies beneath layers – the carnal, painful, ugly, beautiful – interrogating what it means to be both of and alien to this world. Sundaram cooks the wool with natural pigments from roots, rhizomes and leaves. The work reveals its process of labor with gestural strokes and sliced open surfaces. She uses abstraction to reinterpret textile as mutant, botanical, and psychedelic forms. By estranging what is familiar, Sundaram creates work that possesses its own unique life. The process becomes a site for exchange with expert artisans initiating conversations and projects. Her material and way of making traces a lineage of makers spanning 15,000 years. Through her work she's looking for our shared fingerprint.


W: 45,7 cm x D: 45,7 cm x H: 6,35 cm
W: 18" x D: 18" x H: 2.5"