Paravent is a large-scale light installation that invites the viewer’s gaze to shape the work according to the image they perceive. Born from an exploration session around ceramic extrusions, the project poses a fundamental question: is light a space in itself?

The shapes created by the tubes and the light they diffuse change as viewers move around the screen and catch any volume, texture or pattern their gaze is drawn to. Thus viewers become the creators of the work, playing with their own perceptions, spotting mirages, summoning memories, and unlocking the poetic potential of this uncommon Paravent.

“I was taken back to my early twenties, when I studied and worked as an artist, creating installations and only questioning the emotional purpose of a piece, not its applied usefulness,” says Lambert & Fils founder Samuel Lambert, “with Paravent, we could be free of the imperative of electricity, thinking only of how the surrounding light would impact the piece. While building our peculiar wall out of 2900 tubes of metal, there was a sense of meditation, of getting lost in the movement, that felt like a welcome escape from our day-to-day grind.”


W: 46 cm x D: 206 cm x H: 206 cm
W: 18” x D: 81” x H: 81”


Hollowed polished Aluminum 6061 extrusions